To The Window, To The Wall (1995 EP)

Jam Pony Express To The Window To The Wall EP

Jam Pony Express’ final EP single, which was released in 1995, to the debut album “The Legend Continues…”. It features tracks, which were not released, and original remixes of tracks from the album. The last track on the EP, “Express Megamix (Underground Style)”, features DJ Slic Vic doing his famous regulation of the track. This EP is only available for download.

Purchase Download Link Price: $3.00

– Track Listing –
01. To The Window, To The Wall (Remix)
02. Girl Just Go (Clean Version)
03. Express Megamix (Radio Mix)
04. To The Window, To The Wall (Remix)
05. Whore Just Go (LP Version)
06. Express Megamix (Undergound Style)

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