Slic Vic In The Mix (1990)

Jam Pony Express DJs

Jam Pony Express DJ’s album titled Slic Vic In The Mix, which was recorded in 1990, in Fort Lauderdale. The album is regulated by DJ Slic Vic. The audio is cassette tape quality, but has been cleaned up, and can be judged by the track below the track listing.

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Purchase Physical Disc Price: $10.00

– Track Listing –
01. Young & Restless – Funky Az Bassline
02. MC Shy-D – Don’t Sweat Me
03. Professor Griff & Last Asiatic Disciples – Pawns In The Game
04. Sir Mix-A-Lot – Beepers
05. Breezy Beat M.C. And D.J. Nasty – No Money, No Girlfriend
06. Jock D – Partytime
07. DJ Magic Mike – Come On (Rock-Freak Remix)
08. DJ Slic Vic – Bonus Beats Mix
09. Dynamix II – Bass Generator
10. It’s Funky
11. Gucci Crew II – Straight From The Bottom
12. Control
13. Freestyle – In Your Face
14. Gigolo Tony – Dance With The Boogie
15. Creative Element – Rock The Bottom



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