How It All Works

Just in case if you are somewhat confused about how everything works, on our website, we wanted to go into detail about getting started. That way, everyone will know what to expect and how to speed up the process of receiving their orders. Less questions = Faster service, basically.

Once you find the album of your choice, you will click on the “Add to Cart” image. From there, you will notice the album of your choice was added to the shopping cart, on the right hand side of the screen. You can either checkout, or continue shopping. If you wish to remove an item from the shopping cart, you just have to click on the red minus (–) symbol by the price in the cart.

Once you finish adding the items you want to purchase, you should see an image which says “Checkout with PayPal”, which is located under the link “Continue Shopping”. After clicking the “Checkout with PayPal”, you will then be redirected to a PayPal checkout page. If you do not use PayPal, you can either sign up for a free account by clicking here, or you will have the option to use a credit card of your choice, which will show on the left hand side of the screen. Majority of people use PayPal, because it’s faster and easier, but most of all, they’re more secure than any other website.

After you complete the payment process, you will be sent to a Thank You page, which contains the information and details of your order, including the links to the products. Also, an e-mail will be sent to your PayPal e-mail address, which contains the same information as the Thank You page. If you do not see an e-mail in your inbox, be sure to check your spam or junk section. If you would like to add the e-mail address, we use to send out orders, to your safe list, the address is:

By adding the above e-mail address to your safe list, you will be guaranteed the order will be sent to your inbox without having to search everywhere and wonder where the delivery went.

The albums will be in WinZip format. If for some odd reason you cannot open the file, or if you are missing WinZip, you can download it for free at You can also find the WinZip app on the Google Play Store and iPhone App Store for free.

Once you receive the delivery e-mail from us, it should look similar to the following…


From: Jam Pony Express DJs (
Subject: Details of Your Recent Purchase

Dear [Your Name],

Thank you for your purchase! You have purchased the following items:

[Listing of your purchased Albums]

Please use the following encrypted links, to access the item(s) you have purchased. All links will remain valid for [120 or less] hours. Please contact us, if you have any problems.

[Links to the items you have purchased]

Thank You,


You will only have up to 5 days to download your album. So, please be sure you receive the item as soon as possible. The purpose of this is to make sure our links are not distributed on other websites.

Once you click on the link provided inside the e-mail sent to you, your download will start. Choose where you would like to save the file to, and click on ok or save. Your download should start immediately, after clicking on ok/save.

After your download completes, you can extract the files from the WinZip file, and listen to the album or songs by use Windows Media Player, Winamp, or any other audio player. The files are in MP3 format, and can be transferred to an MP3 player, smartphone, tablet, and more! You can also choose to create an audio CD, if you wish to do so.

We hope you have a pleasant experience and thank you for visiting us, at

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