Get To It.. Let’s Just Do It (#1799)

Jam Pony Get To It Let's Just Do ItJam Pony Express DJ’s album titled: Get To It.. Let’s Just Do It, which was released in 1997. The album is regulated by DJ Slic Vic. This album is similar to the album titled “O-Town 2 Yo-Town”, but has a few minor differences.

Purchase Download Link Price: $5.00

Purchase Physical Disc Price: $10.00

– Track Listing –
01. Cybotron – Clear
02. Planet Patrol – Play At Your Own Risk
03. Herman Kelly & Life – Dance To The Drummer’s Beat
04. Slick Rick – Children’s Story
05. EPMD – You’re A Customer
06. Ten Kans – (U Need) Dick In Ur Life
07. Puppies – I Gotcha Baby
08. Uncle Luke – Scarred
09. Amp P – Let Me See You Squirrel
10. DJ Space – The O-Town Squirrel
11. Slic Vic – Soda Rap
12. JT Money – Shine Me Up
13. 2Pac – 2 Of Amerika’s Most Wanted
14. Bad Religion – Get A Job Hoe (Feat. Slic Vic, and Lock Cool Jock)



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