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Lately, I’ve been going through a lot of things and needed a break from being so active on here. I’m still shipping and processing orders, so no changes there. I’ll be adding more YouTube videos very soon! I’ve also been coming up with ideas to add to the website store and upgrading some things.

Most importantly, I’ll be cleaning up some of the audio from classic tapes. They sound great, both ways, but I want to remove the hissing sounds and keep the quality as close as possible. Something like a remastered edition. I’ve also thought about adding merchandise, but that’ll probably be later in the future, but if it becomes requested a lot, I’ll move it up to something to focus on more.

As far as more releases, I’m always looking for trades from those who have a large collection or any you don’t mind making copies of. I’m able to convert cassettes, LP’s, and CD’s. For trades, contact me directly and we’ll work something out. You’ll receive credit and shout-outs, as well as possibly make money. I have been keeping my eye for any I don’t have.

If you have any suggestions to add to the site, feel free to comment below, or send a message.

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The Coupon Codes listed above are valid from the dates of 07/02 – 07/31. The coupon code has to be manually added, during the PayPal checkout process. Pay attention to the coupon section, to make sure it is added. In case if you have any problems with the coupons, contact us and we’ll send you the balance.

Aside from remastering the audio, I’ve been also working on creating disc labels, with track lists for the discs without artwork. Next upgrade will be a new printer to do professional labels on the discs to give a more. I might start getting votes on the ones I design and try to give a full makeover. I take suggestions, so feel free to share your thoughts.

Might add a Tag Wall page soon, so everyone can post their sections, hoods, counties, and so forth. Definitely want to see a lot of improvements and being more social.

Welcome To Jam Pony Express DJ’s!

Welcome to the Jam Pony Express DJ’s! This website is for the fans of Jam Pony, and to allow easier access to their albums. Since a lot of the Pony tapes and cd’s are hard to come by, we thought it would be a good idea to spread the memories online, where fans from all over can relive the sounds of the sensational, one and only Jam Pony. The albums found on this website are for promotional use only, and the only reason why we are charging for them is due to the time it takes to convert the tapes, cd’s, and vinyls, then edit the tracks, break down the album into tracks, locating as much information about each track, and more! As well as the website cost, and with everything that is included with maintenance, promotion, and much more. All rights belong to the Jam Pony crew, and thank you for the great memories!

R.I.P. to The Bodyguard, Charles “Big Ace” Ellison, Jr. (1962 – 2000)

When this website was first created, the main intent was to have all digital products, where you are able to access the albums you purchase instantly, at the same time, it keeps the cost of the albums down and making the albums more affordable. There were many times, when costumers purchased a download link, and were expecting to receive a physical disc in the mail. So, we decided to give you the option, of being able to choose from either download links, or physical discs.

The new homepage layout might seem a little different, at first, and might take some time to get use to the change. The reason for the updated layout is to allow easier navigation for smartphone and tablet users. At the top left corner, you will notice a menu style button, once you click on it, it will show the menu. On smartphone devices, the menu on the right side is not shown, so we had to design a new menu for the new mobile devices. This website is best displayed on desktops or laptops.

As for menu options, Regulated Mixes are albums with DJ talk over the tracks, which Jam Pony is known for. Non-Regulated Mixes are mixes without talking over the tracks. Throwback Cassettes are albums which were originally recorded live on cassette tapes, converted into MP3, edited into tracks, cleaned up, and kept the best sound possible. Some of the tapes come out great, while a few others might have lower quality, it all depends on the condition of the tape. Studio LP’s & EP’s are the albums and singles recorded in a studio.

If you choose to purchase the download link, you should receive your purchased albums, after completing the checkout process. They will be delivered to your PayPal e-mail address. They should go into the Inbox section, if not, please check your Spam folder. If for any reason you did not receive the links to the albums you purchased, please Contact Us, and we will supply you with a new link, with the albums manually added. All albums are delivered as a WinZip file, and inside of the zip file, you will see the tracks in MP3 format. All of the tracks are in numbered order, and contain all the track and album information. Some of the songs are hard to find the artist information for, but we do our best to provide the information to the tracks what we are able to find.

For more information about purchasing download links, and how everything works, please visit the How It All Works page. The checkout process is also explained, on this page, as well.

As for physical discs, we only charge shipping for orders under $20. If you’re order is over $20 (or 3+ full album titles), you will receive Free Shipping! All physical disc orders will be sent out, within 1-2 business days, and a tracking number will be supplied via PayPal. The disc prices range from $10 to $12. If your shipping address is different from the one on your PayPal address, please notify us, after checking out, or add a note, when checking out.

On the right side, there should be a Shopping Cart shown, above the menu. When you add products to cart, this will list the title on the album, the quantity, and price. If you wish to remove an album, click on the red (–) button, and the album should be removed. If you wish to clear the cart, click on the small red X, next to the total amount. If you wish to apply a coupon code, you can do so below the “Continue Shopping” link, and when you are ready to checkout, click on the “Checkout With PayPal” button, below the coupon code. If you are purchasing physical discs, shipping cost will be added and shown, when checking out, and PayPal will calculate the shipping costs. Free shipping will be automatically applied, after adding 3 or more full album titles. If you have any questions or have any problems with the checkout process, please contact us, at any time, and we will do our best to help out.

Booking Information

If you are looking for booking information, you can get in touch with Rok Z on Twitter. If you would like to get in touch with DJ Slic Vic, you can visit him on Twitter, also. If no response, you can also contact Bodyguard Ent for other ways to book Jam Pony Express DJ’s for shows.

Been Coming Up With Ideas, Lately

So, I’ve been coming up with some new changes that can improve the site. I feel bad with just spamming cd’s for sale and not giving a lot of information. I would like to see Jam Pony fans connect and be able to find the music you miss hearing over the years. It’s been hard coming across new tapes to add to the collection. I’ve been trying to make a remake of the songs, keeping the audio as normal as possible. Just bringing the best sounds from the old school with a new clear sound.

I’ve been deciding if I should invest in a printer that will take the cd’s to a next level and be more professional , or I should focus on the t-shirt designs option, which I’d sport that bitch and I have a few designs in mind, It’s just the whole get started from scratch but it’ll be coming very soon. Lots of ideas on the way. I have upgraded the sound card to bring out the best quality, when converting. Can’t wait to try it out on the upcoming re-release of Let’s Flow. Going to test the difference and keep the best version.

Thank you to everyone showing their support. It really helps a lot and I try to use it to invest right back into the business and make it grow. I’d love to come across collectors who make deals too, just hmu. Sorry for all of that, just something on my mind that I felt like talking about lol. Wasn’t expecting it to be that long but w/e.. Just KEEP AN EYE OUT for changes.

Another idea I was thinking about is adding mixed cd’s of all the greatest hits and have a volume set, also have a trading section to help others trade and get some hook ups. Was thinking about a tag wall or a shout out page, where visitors can tag areas, reppin hoods, and whatever you would like to do. I moderate the comments and usually understanding. Just no violence and we good. I don’t accept spam comments, so no worries with them as much.

I’ve also been thinking of adding a Newsletter option, and when you sign up, you get a really nice bonus. I might make the rewards random, never know..

Have a safe 4th of July and be safe out there, you know how 12 get around holidays and harassing and shit, just enjoy it though!! Do whatcha gotta do at the house and drive clean, ask for lawyer if some shit happens and don’t talk without lawyer present. You already know, but just heads up. KEEP TURNING UP FASHO with the one and only Mu’fuk’n Jam Pony Show….

Besides shirts, high quality pressed artwork, and everything mentioned… if you have any ideas or questions, hit me up at any time. Can’t promise I can post all songs requested, but I’ll do my best. I need to get back into posting more songs on YouTube again soon… maybe the 4th, gotta find some real hood shit and regulating at Jam Pony’s best. All throwbacks to new shit and all random. If you see a song on the site you would like to hear, feel free to request it and I’ll try to make it on YouTube, or maybe Soundcloud. We’ll just see, more JPE on the way…


Jam Pony Bass (Single)

Jam Pony Bass

In 1994, Daron Fordham, also known as Southboy, released a song dedicated to the one and only, superstar DJs called Jam Pony, straight from the bottom with the boomin’ bass, Slic Vic, Lock Cool Jock and Big Ace. The song got the attention of DJ Slic Vic, and he had to do a regulated version of the track. This is the single of both, the regulated mic checked mix and non-regulated version. This single is only available to download for free.

Purchase Download Link Price: $0.00 Download Now

– Track Listing –
01. Jam Pony Bass (Regulated by DJ Slic Vic)
02. Jam Pony Bass

If You Got A Lotta Booty (1993 EP)

Jam Pony Express DJsThe EP Single titled If You Got A Lotta Booty (Buck ‘Em Down) was released in 1993. The original artist is Dynamite and features Big Ace.

The intro before the song starts features DJ Slic Vic. This EP Single was for promotional use and is only available for download. Track 04 is labeled as an Instrumental on the cover/label, but it sounds more like the street version. It has lyrics through it and isn’t a true instrumental track. The tracks were converted from vinyl and the quality can be judged by the track below.

Purchase Download Link Price: $3.00

– Track Listing –
01. If You Got A Lotta Booty (Buck ‘Em Down) [Street Mix]
02. If You Got A Lotta Booty (Buck ‘Em Down) [Big Booty Mix]
03. If You Got A Lotta Booty (Buck ‘Em Down) [Dub Mix]
04. If You Got A Lotta Booty (Buck ‘Em Down) [Instrumental]



Climb Aboard (1994 EP)

Jam Pony Express DJsThe Jam Pony Express EP Single titled “Climb Aboard” was released in 1994. It was another single, from the album “The Legend Continues…”, which was released later in 1995. This EP Single is only available for download.

Purchase Download Link Price: $3.00

– Track Listing –
01. Climb Aboard (LP Version)
02. Betcha Can’t Ride (Remix)
03. Climb Aboard (Radio Mix)
04. Betcha Can’t Ride (LP Version)
05. Betcha Can’t Ride (Short Version)
06. Mega Mix



Slic Vic In The Mix (1990)

Jam Pony Express DJs

Jam Pony Express DJ’s album titled Slic Vic In The Mix, which was recorded in 1990, in Fort Lauderdale. The album is regulated by DJ Slic Vic. The audio is cassette tape quality, but has been cleaned up, and can be judged by the track below the track listing.

Purchase Download Link Price: $5.00

Purchase Physical Disc Price: $10.00

– Track Listing –
01. Young & Restless – Funky Az Bassline
02. MC Shy-D – Don’t Sweat Me
03. Professor Griff & Last Asiatic Disciples – Pawns In The Game
04. Sir Mix-A-Lot – Beepers
05. Breezy Beat M.C. And D.J. Nasty – No Money, No Girlfriend
06. Jock D – Partytime
07. DJ Magic Mike – Come On (Rock-Freak Remix)
08. DJ Slic Vic – Bonus Beats Mix
09. Dynamix II – Bass Generator
10. It’s Funky
11. Gucci Crew II – Straight From The Bottom
12. Control
13. Freestyle – In Your Face
14. Gigolo Tony – Dance With The Boogie
15. Creative Element – Rock The Bottom



#279 (1989)

Jam Pony Express DJs

Jam Pony Express DJ’s album #279, which was recorded in 1989, in Fort Lauderdale. The album is regulated by DJ Slic Vic, Lock Cool Jock, and Cucci Crew (Sexy Slim and Juicy “S”). The audio is cassette tape quality, but has been cleaned up, and can be judged by the track below the track listing.

Purchase Download Link Price: $5.00

Purchase Physical Disc Price: $10.00

– Track Listing –
01. 2 Live Crew – Dick Almighty
02. Wink D In The Mix
03. Ron C – Do Dat Danz
04. Cybotron – Clear Mixed With 2 Live Crew – If You Believe In Having Sex
05. The Get Funky Crew – Shake Them Titties
06. George Kranz – Din Daa Daa B/w Classy Clay – Technicalities
07. Gigolo Tony & Big Ace – Mouth Of The South
08. Princess M.C. ‎- Pump Up The Funk
09. The Egyptian Lover – In The Mix
10. Juanito (FX) – Don’t Stop The Mix
11. DJ Mike & MC Cool D – Do That Shit
12. Gucci Crew – Truz N Vogues
13. Soul Sonic Force – Looking For The Perfect Beat
14. Get Up On This
15. Free Style – The Party Has Just Begun



#9104 – Dale ’91 (1991)

Jam Pony Express DJs

Jam Pony Express DJ’s album #9104 titled Dale ’91, which was recorded in 1991, in Fort Lauderdale. The album is regulated by Big Ace, and DJ Slic Vic, but also features Lil’ Fuss and Big P. The audio is cassette tape quality, but has been cleaned up a lot, and can be judged by the track below the track listing.

Purchase Download Link Price: $5.00

Purchase Physical Disc Price: $10.00

– Track Listing –
01. Special Ed – Ya Wish Ya Could
02. Special P – Set It Off (2-4-1 Remix)
03. Cybotron – Clear
04. 2 Live Crew – Banned In The USA
05. The Boys From The Bottom – That Boy’s Good
06. Disco Rick & The Dogs – Take It Off (Remix)
07. Boogie Down Productions / KRS-ONE – Love’s Gonna Get’cha
08. Tilt – Arkade Funk Mixed With Keep Dancin’
09. Ozone Layer – Planetary Deterioration
10. The Jonzun Crew – Pack Jam (Remix)
11. DJ Slic Vic – 2 Live Mega-Mixx
12. Vaughan Mason & Crew – Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll



Lost Tapes Volume 3 (1992)

Jam Pony Express DJs

Jam Pony Express DJ’s album titled: Lost Tapes Volume 3, which was released in 1992. The album is regulated by and features DJ Slic Vic, Big Ace, Cuda C, Amazing Hot Rod, J Dog, and Lil’ Fuss.

Purchase Download Link Price: $5.00

Purchase Physical Disc Price: $10.00

– Track Listing –
01. Luke – I Wanna Rock
02. The Dogs – Work That Ass Baby
03. Jam Pony – Skit
04. 2 Live Crew – One and One (Slic Vic’s Rhyme)
05. Geto Boys – Mind Playing Tricks On Me
06. Slick Rick – Children’s Story (Fast Motion)
07. Naughty By Nature – O.P.P. Instrumental
08. Cybotron – Clear, EPMD – You’re A Customer, Classy Clay – Technicalities Mix
09. SNAP! – The Power, 2 Live Crew – We Want Some Pussy / Move Something / Come On Babe, Tuff Crew – My Part of Town Mix
10. Missy Mist – Make It Mello
11. So Much Damn Bass
12. Disco Rick & The Dogs – Take It Off
13. Slick Rick – Children’s Story



Splash Down (Single)

Splash Down (Single)

In 1998, Booty Mix 3: Wiggle Patrol was released, and the first track titled Splash Down featured the Jam Pony Express crew. The original song artist is Danny D, and features MC Shy D, Get Some Crew, The Buck Wee Boiz, and JPE. This song is only available to download for free.

Purchase Download Link Price: $0.00 Download Now

– Track Listing –
01. Danny D – Splash Down