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Welcome to Jam Pony Express DJs! We have created this website for the purpose of fans of Jam Pony Express DJs. Unlike other websites, we are doing it all digital. We all hate waiting on shipping processes, because it can take anywhere from a few days to about week, just for us to get what we want in the mail.

So, what is the difference between the original CD and digital album? Really, not that much of a difference. Other online stores may tell you their CD’s are originals, but in fact, 99% are CD-R’s. If you bought 2 or more of the same copies from the other websites and compared them to each other, I can guarantee they’ll be 2 separate CD brand names. The only ones who have the originals are the members of Jam Pony Express, and I’m sure their families have them, as well.

What does that mean for you? Simple! Less waiting and more listening! Once you purchase the album of your choice, you will be sent an e-mail to the paying Paypal address. Within the e-mail, there will be a download link. All you do is download it, or save it to your computer, and choose to burn it to a CD-R, or transfer it to a MP3 player, or more. There’s no more worrying over how long until you receive the disc in the mail, and no more worrying about whether the disc will be lost or scratched. For more information about the payment process and how to get started getting your albums, please visit the “How It All Works” page.

What if you purchase the album of your choice and the download doesn’t start? PLEASE, contact us, if this happens! We want to make sure you receive your item, because if you’re not happy, then we’re not happy (simply put). In the near future, we will be making more changes of how this works. So, for now, it’s only temporary. We have tested the process, before going public, and it works fine for us, but you never know when something might go wrong.

Another bonus by choosing us to shop from us, instead of somewhere else….We are cheaper than any other place on the market. We make it more affordable for people looking for classic Jam Pony Express CD’s, and to relive the memories of the greatest DJ’s around. We only charge, because 1) websites aren’t free, and 2) the time it takes to find the tapes or CD’s, rip/convert them, edit, upload, and post.

What’s even better about choosing us to shop from is we continue to expand the collection and to keep Jam Pony Express alive. We would like to be able to bring to you any Jam Pony Express DJs CD that was ever made, or try our best to. Since there’s so many out there, it’ll take some time, but we want to try our best to have as many as we can. We put the money earned from this website back into it, in order to keep the website growing and bringing you more.

One last note… if you’re unsure of the difference between Regulated Mixes and Non-Regulated Mixes, the Regulated Mixes have DJ talk on them, where they are cut and have talk over the songs. Non-Regulated Mixes are just Jam Pony Express mixes without DJ talk over the songs, but are still Jam Pony CD’s. We have mostly known Jam Pony Express DJs for the Regulated Mixes, but a Jam Pony tape was a Jam Pony tape, back in the day.

We hope you enjoy the albums we post, and we look forward to your business in the near future, as well. Be sure to add us to your favorites, or bookmark us, to be able to come back to us, when you need to.

And You Thought It Was Safe? (2003)

Jam Pony Express DJ’s album titled: And You Thought It Was Safe?, which was released in 2003. It is regulated by DJ Slic Vic.

Price: $5.00

01. Bone Crusher – Never Scared
02. David Banner – Like A Pimp
03. Pastor Troy – Vice Versa
04. Eightball – Quit Playin’ Games Hoe
05. Lil’ Jon & The Eastside Boyz – I Don’t Give A Fuck
06. Ole-E – Living Comfortable, But Not Good (Remix)
07. Nelly – Pimp Juice
08. Nelly – Air Force Ones
09. 50 Cent – In Da Club (Remix)
10. Field Mob – Sick of Being Lonely (Remix)
11. Lil’ Jon & The Eastside Boyz – Get Low
12. JT Money – Ho Problems
13. JT Money – Chevy Game
14. Rated R – In Here Ta Nite
15. Rated R – Hatin’ Skit
16. Rated R – Ride
17. T.I. – 24’s

Gotcha Bouncin’ Again (2000)

Jam Pony Express DJs

Jam Pony Express DJ’s album titled: Gotcha Bouncin’ Again, which was released in 2000. It was recorded in Valdosta, GA, and is regulated by DJ Slic Vic, Master K, and Special K.

Price: $5.00

01. Miracle – Bounce
02. Drama – Left, Right, Left
03. Crazy Craze – Knees & Boes
04. Ying Yang Twins – Whistle While You Twurk
05. Jam Pony Express – Big Ace (R.I.P.)
06. Nas – You Owe Me
07. Goodie Mob – Get Rich To This
08. Dr. Dre – Forgot About Dre
09. Tha Eastsidaz – G’d Up
10. E-40 – Earl That’s Yo’ Life
11. Trick Daddy – Boy
12. Hot Boys – I Need A Hot Girl
13. The Lox – Wild Out
14. DMX – Party Up
15. Eve – Maniac
16. C-Murder – Down 4 My Niggaz

Before There Was Rap (#1366)

Jam Pony Express DJs

Jam Pony Express DJ’s album #1366 titled: Before There Was Rap, which was released in 1999. It was recorded in Tampa, FL, and is regulated by DJ Slic Vic.

Price: $5.00

01. One Way – Push
02. Con Funk Shun – So Easy
03. Brick – Dazz
04. KC & The Sunshine Band – Do You Wanna Go Party?
05. Bill Summers & Summers Heat – We Call It The Box
06. Barry White – Your Sweetness Is My Weakness
07. L.T.D. – (Every Time I Turn Around) Back In Love Again (Disco Version)
08. Steve Arrington – Weak At The Knees
09. The Gap Band – Outstanding
10. Tyron Brunson – The Smurf
11. KC & The Sunshine Band – Boogie Shoes
12. Love Unlimited – Together Bros. Theme
13. Cun Funk Shun – Ffun

Da Remake (#1510)


Jam Pony Express DJ’s album #1510 titled: Da Remake, which was released in 2005. It is regulated by DJ Slic Vic.

Price: $5.00

01. Cybotron – Clear
02. Missy Elliott – Lose Control
03. Pitbull – She’s Freaky
04. Usher – Nice & Slow (Remix)
05. 95 South – Whoot There It Is
06. Woo – Get It
07. Luke – Move Somethin’
08. Beastie Boys – Brass Monkey
09. Terror Squad – Lean Back
10. Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock – It Takes Two
11. Pitbull – Toma
12. Ying Yang Twins – Shake
13. Missy Elliott – We Run This
14. Newcleus – Jam On It
15. Ciara – 1, 2 Step (Remix)
16. 50 Cent – In Da Club (Remix)
17. House of Pain – Jump
18. Unknown Artist – Weed Head
19. Love Unlimited – Together Bros. Theme
20. DJ Slic Vic – Outro

Pump Up The Party (1988)


Jam Pony Express DJs

Jam Pony Express DJ’s album titled: Pump Up The Party, which was released in 1988. It was recorded in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and is regulated by DJ Slic Vic and Big Ace.

Price: $5.00

01. Electro – Pump Up The Party
02. Herman Kelly & Life – Dance To The Drummer’s Beat
03. Beatmaster Clay D – Let’s Rock The House
04. Tone Loc – Wild Thing
05. Mega John – Mega John’s Bass
06. Cybotron – Clear
07. Popular Demand – Don’t Clock Me
08. Man Parrish – Man Made
09. Renard With No Regard – How Hard Can You Throw It
10. Tuff Crew – My Part Of Town
11. Quadrant Six – Body Mechanic
12. Lady Posse – Booty Shakin’
13. EPMD – You’re A Customer
14. Twilight 22 – Electric Kingdom

Get To It.. Let’s Just Do It (#1799)

Jam Pony Express DJs

Jam Pony Express DJ’s album titled: Get To It.. Let’s Just Do It, which was released in 1997. Regulated by DJ Slic Vic. This album is similar to the album titled “O-Town 2 Yo-Town”.

Price: $5.00

01. Cybotron – Clear
02. Planet Patrol – Play At Your Own Risk
03. Herman Kelly & Life – Dance To The Drummer’s Beat
04. Slick Rick – Children’s Story
05. EPMD – You’re A Customer
06. Ten Kans – (U Need) Dick In Ur Life
07. Puppies – I Gotcha Baby
08. Uncle Luke – Scarred
09. Amp P – Let Me See You Squirrel
10. DJ Space – The O-Town Squirrel
11. Slic Vic – Soda Rap
12. JT Money – Shine Me Up
13. 2Pac – 2 Of Amerika’s Most Wanted
14. Bad Religion – Get A Job Hoe (Feat. Slic Vic, and Lock Cool Jock)

Quad City Music (#410)

Jam Pony Express DJs

Jam Pony Express DJ’s album #410 titled: Quad City Music, which was released in 1999. Features DJ Slic Vic, Lock Cool Jock, and Mister C.

Price: $5.00

01. Mystikal – I Smell Smoke
02. Jay-Z – Nigga What, Nigga Who
03. Outkast – Synthesizer
04. Geto Boys – Gangsta Put Me Down
05. Magic – Ball Till We Fall
06. B.G. – What U Want Do
07. Silkk The Shocker – Southside Niggas
08. Jay-Z – Money, Cash, Hoes
09. 2Pac – The Struggle Continues
10. Juvenile – Ghetto Children
11. Skull Duggery – Satisfied
12. Mystikal – That’s The Nigga
13. Jermaine Dupri – Jazzie Hoes
14. Juvenile – Ha (Remix)
15. Juvenile – Rich Niggaz
16. Juvenile – Pimpinabitch
17. Gangsta Boo – Don’t Stand So Close

Slow Show (#1327)

#1327 - Slow Show (Slic-N-Slow)

Jam Pony Express DJ’s album #1327 titled: Slow Show (Slic-N-Slow), which was released in 1999. Features DJ Slic Vic.

Price: $5.00

01. Silk – If You
02. Maxwell – Fortunate
03. Blaque – 808
04. Jesse Powell – She Was Your Girlfriend
05. Link – I Really Wanna Sex Your Body
06. Keith Sweat – I’m Not Ready
07. Keith Sweat – Make It Last Forever
08. Dru Hill – Everything
09. R. Kelly – When A Woman’s Fed Up
10. Isley Brothers – Speechless
11. Busta Rhymes – What’s It Gonna Be
12. Adina Howard – T-Shirt & Panties
13. Aaron Hall – Going Down
14. Gerald Levert – Taking Everything
15. Quincy Jones – I’m Yours
16. Unknown Artist – That Thang
17. Mac – Callin’ Me

Still In Da Game (2007)

Jam Pony Express DJs

Jam Pony Express DJ’s album titled: Still In Da Game, which was released in 2007. Features Lock Cool Jock.

Price: $5.00

01. Timbaland – Bombay
02. DJ Khaled – We Takin’ Over
03. Blood Raw – Ride Tonite
04. Timbaland – Give It To Me
05. Trick Daddy – You Can Bet Dat
06. Rick Ross – Where You From
07. Young Buck – 4 Kings
08. Lil’ Wayne – Hard Body
09. T-Pain – Shawty
10. Trick Daddy – Lights Out
11. Unknown Artist – Back 2 The Box
12. Trick Daddy – Straight Up
13. Young Buck – Pocket Full Of Paper
14. Lil’ Boosie – Touch Down

Oakland Park Flea Market Featuring Cuda C and J Dog

This video features Cuda C and J Dog, of Jam Pony Express DJs, regulating over the track “You’re A Customer”, at Oakland Park Flea Market. The video also features: Broward County Finest, Stank One, Frank Love, and C Dope.

Want to connect with Cuda C? You can find him on Twitter @DoubleCEO.